Boynton Beach Fishing Charter Report | Update 11/22/23

Winter Fishing In South Florida Means Sailfish and Wahoo!

While other species such as King Mackerel and Mahi are also likely… our main target species In these winter months when we venture offshore are Sailfish and Wahoo!

Live baiting is important when it comes to targeting Sailfish. Depending on conditions we will either Kite fish with a spread of baits or flat line our baits. Both methods are extreme effective. If we have some wind the kite will be in the air which allows us to fish 360 around the boat. A very fun and hands on way to fish. Flat lining baits still just as effective and you are also able to vertical jig as you wait for the live baits to get hit!

When it comes to targeting Wahoo this is where we change it up. Trolling with planers is by far the best method and most effective. Yes you can catch Wahoo with live bait, but your odds drastically increase when trolling. Wahoo love to hunt and they love speed! Trolling strip baits behind our custom skirts that we make in house gives you a great advantage. Its hard to beat a big Wahoo on the planer!

What we recommend to our customers (when conditions allow) is we troll for Wahoo for the first couple hours of the morning before switching over to live bait. If you want to target a specific specie then we can customize the full trip towards that.

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Updated 5/11/23

Spring Fishing In Southeast Florida – Updated 5/11/23

Oh we love this time of year! Tuna, Mahi, Sailfish, Wahoo, King Mackerel are all caught in good numbers this time of year. Our BIG Blackfin Tunas will be here now through August. Mahi Will be caught in the same time frame with out biggest being caught in the next couple months. Sailfish, King Mackerel and Wahoo are a year round catch so always a good chance at catching them on any given trip.

Live Baiting , Trolling and Vertical Jigging are the preferred method. This is when you want to take advantage of vertical jigging. Tuna LOVE the jig. Many of our big Tuna come of the Jig.

If you are looking to maximize your trip we can always do a little bit of both if you schedule at least a 6 hour trip. Ideally we would troll for the first half of the trip before we switch over to live bait. This will give you the best chance at landing some very quality fish during your trip.