Nearshore Charters

The Main target species for our Nearshore charters are Blacktip & Spinner Sharks, Big Jack Crevalles, Barracudas, Spanish Mackerel and Snook and Tarpon given the time of year. This type of of trip we stay close to the shoreline looking for schools of bait fish getting blown up on. In late Spring and early summer we really start to focus on the Tarpon that have started their migration north. May- October is a great time to schedule a trip if you are looking to target Tarpon in our area.

There are many different ways we can fish depending on the style of fishing you prefer ( Live bait, lures, Fly…etc ) and what your main target species are. Let us know what you would like and we’ll make it happen!

It is customary to tip 15 to 20%. Take into account the Captains preparedness, attitude, and helpfulness.

Prices – Rates vary depending on boat selection and length of trip. Click Below for more information.

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