Freshwater Peacock Bass & Clown Knife Fish Charters

South Florida PEACOCK BASS AND CLOWN KNIFE FISH CHARTER. The only place where you can find Peacock Bass and Clown Knife Fish in North America is in South Florida. Peacock Bass were introduced to our waters in 1984, averaging from anywhere between 2lb – 4lbs all the way up to 9lbs! The Clown Knife Fish which is native to tropical Asia and Thailand range on average in the 3lb-6lb but can reach over 10lbs! Both species are an absolute blast to catch on light tackle. Take a trip with us and cross two more species off your list that can only be caught here!

Charters Located in Boynton Beach, FL and Delray Beach, FL | Lake Ida and Lake Eden.

Price – $445 4hr + $50 per each additional hour (1-4 Anglers) Live Bait Included in price.

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